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The digital picture from the camera is instantly available to transfer to a computer or a modem or even to transfer wirelessly. The picture can be instantly sent or viewed. The picture can be immediately edited, in some cases while still in the camera. The picture can be immediately deleted if it is not satisfactory. With multi gigibyte storage media, many hundreds or even thousands of pictures can be stored on media the size of a book of matches.

The digital camera is usually programmed so that very many options are available, just to name a few; noise reduction, anti shake programs, red eye reduction, face recognition, and in some cameras, smile recognition, which waits for a person to smile before the picture is taken! Most digital cameras offer a choice of taking color or black and white pictures.
Since the picture is visible on the liquid crystal screen, usually on the camera back, you can quickly learn what is good and bad about your photographic technique.


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